7 Empowering sessions

1 With a course of 7 sessions, we went to the NGO ‘Udaan’ and conducted sessions with kids on lessons that they are generally not taught in school. We spent the mornings empowering kids and teaching them that they can make a change in the society, change what is wrong, change for the better. Through activities, plays and interactive sessions we try and make them more aware about their surroundings, the discrimination and hygiene. We build a trust and connection with each and every student, play games, dance and make their learnings joyful yet informative. these enthusiastic students didn’t fail to cheer us up. On October 23rd, the conversations were led by them and less by us, it was a huge difference altogether. We had been talking to them about their likes and what they enjoy doing; we never asked them what they don’t like. So, we set out on a journey to create a platform for them to be comfortable and not hesitate in sharing their problems with us and help find a solution for them. The students opened up about the gender inequality issues, littered streets, young marriages taking place and discussed a lot of domestc issues. We taught them how change starts from ONE person and goes on a long way. These students have taken a pledge them selves to do bits and move to create a difference step by step! On September 30th, we added on to our journey: another remarkable session with the students of udaan! We opened new doors as we introduced “professions” to them. Taught them about innumerable jobs/ career options and what significance it holds. Taught them how no job is big or small , no dream is unachievable ; one must continue to work hard to pursue it. With pride and joy, we can say that the small steps they have already taken are promises to create a difference The little effort each soul made to make sure there is no littering in school/ around their homes and society were evident and we couldn’t be happier that we’re slowly moving towards our goals! They made us feel no less than family!