Equality with Diversity

Men, Women, and Everyone in Between

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Equality with Diversity initiative empowers both men and women for breaking gender stereotypes and creating a world where everyone is treated and given equal opportunities.

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”
Eleanor Roosevelt
1810 - 1850

Gender Inequality has been a serious issue for centuries. In several parts of the country, the birth of girls is not a welcome circumstance. The discrimination starts from the time when the girl is not even born. The patriarchal norms of society have created such redundant stereotypes for girls as well as for boys that it has become difficult for them to get out such evasive thinking. A girl is considered to be a burden whereas the burden of earning a livelihood is doomed on the boys. None of them can make choices of their own because of societal conditions.

Discrimination and inequality continue to act as a bane for development. It is in every sector, be it education, health or profession. The society regardless of their status has not been comfortable or awakened about the importance of empowering women.
The current need is to make the required change in the mindset of society and finish the prejudice that damages the future of younger generations. It is high time that every child or youngsters are treated equally and they are given the right opportunities to grow their full potential.

WODE Foundation’s Equality with Diversity initiative aims at creating a world where every person is treated equally. Every woman and girl child should have equal opportunities to study, to grow as well as prosper in respect to her male counterpart. For this campaign to be a success –
We organized workshops to aware girls and women about their rights
Conducted several panel discussions about gender equality in which many ideas were discussed and encouraged
School workshops were held for women empowerment and awareness of gender quota about the stereotypes in society and how they are wrong.
Continuous efforts are made towards breaking certain societal norms and how it is okay to choose differently
Institutionalizing about gender sensitivity and laws regarding women rights
Encouraging students about standing up against violence against women.

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WODE Foundation – ‘WORLD OF DIVERSE EQUALS’ aims to create a world where the different physical, social and economic attributes you are born with do not change the way you are treated. 


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