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About this campaign

Gift of Health campaign encourages a Fit India. With this project, we are creating awareness among the underprivileged children regarding the importance of hygiene and good physical and mental health.

“It is health that is real wealth, Not pieces of gold and silver”
Mahatma Gandhi

Access to health care is one of the most pressing concerns in the country. Poor housing conditions, unsafe drinking water, use of biomass fuels, exposure to environmental odds and lack of sanitation are a part of basic livelihood among the maximum population group that at the end results in risk of several health problems. These problems are more prevalent in the underprivileged and uneducated sector.

At present, the doctor – to – population ratio is about 1:2148. Despite so much investments in infrastructure in the healthcare sector, hospitals and public health care centers and several other healthcare initiatives, it is not sufficient to cater the needs of the general public. The children from underprivileged backgrounds do not have access to basic necessities regarding health. They do not either have the knowledge nor the facilities to lead a healthy lifestyle. The young girls do not have proper knowledge about menstruation hygiene and are still bound to use dirty cloth.

A healthy individual is a progressive individual. There is an immense and growing need among the children to have the resources to lead a healthy life. Schools are considered to be second home for children and so it is important that regular workshops regarding healthy life and menstruation are conducted to create awareness among the students. It is important because a child’s development of physical, social, emotional as well as behavioral well – being surrounds their overall development.

WODE’s Gift of Health initiative concentrates on overall healthcare awareness among students.
We are conducting workshops in schools, telling the children about the benefits of healthy lifestyle, imparting information about menstruation hygiene, yoga, nutrition and many others. These briefing sessions help them to know what being means and how can they do it.
We also make sure that if students were able to understand and absorb by quizzing and doing several game activities to engage them more in more practical manner.
We are also organizing workshops with professionals at schools to give a more productive and professional output to the students about healthy lifestyles.
Regular medical camps are being setup in school for regular health checkups.

WODE Foundation – ‘WORLD OF DIVERSE EQUALS’ aims to create a world where the different physical, social and economic attributes you are born with do not change the way you are treated. 


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