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With Pustakghar, we aim to create an environment of learning that goes beyond the classroom experiences. By establishing virtual and smart libraries at underprivileged community schools, we envision a better and stronger educational system and ensuring that children are prepared for the outside world and become independent thinkers.

"Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader"
Margaret Fuller
1810 - 1850

Education is considered to be one of the most effective weapons to bring a change in society. When children have access to read, learn and write, they further become individuals who impact society in a very positive way. In India, there are about a thousand children that lack basic right to education due to various factors. The children either do not have proper means to go to school or drop out due to family conditions. Moreover, the schools in the backwards part of a city or a state do not have proper resources to teach children. It is very important that the children coming to school have proper accessibility to books and other reading materials in order to have proper knowledge.

An educated mind inspires thousand others. Right knowledge and proper education broadens a child’s horizons and opens the door for them to fulfill their dreams. They get their families out this vicious cycle of poverty and provide them a better lifestyle. Also an educated person is an aware person. The children would know the difference between right and wrong. They can free themselves and their families from age – old taboos that are doing nothing but digressing them further in the ladder.

With WODE Foundation, we are establishing smart libraries in community schools, where students are given access and advantages of studying digitally. Setting up Virtual and Recreational Rooms. Here, students are able to learn more than their text books provides in the most wantonness ways possible. The provided study material is in accordance with NCERT and CBSE guidelines. The lessons are provided by experienced teachers to give a wholesome view on the topics. In order to provide a world – view experience, we have also set up offline video lessons that are curated with international standards kept in mind. These courses act as a resource for underprivileged children study with the world and to know it with a 360 degree view. These courses come with teacher guidelines and teaching materials as well to help the teachers in steering students towards the right direction.

The Recreational rooms comes with the e – learning classes. Here, students are taught basic lessons, life skills and moral values through different brainstorming and intellect games. We are also providing students with libraries full of useful and interesting books and other reading materials to enhance their knowledge. The students can issue the books from libraries and take home to read in their own time. We believe that a true reader can bring out the necessary change. With the help of these smart classroom centers and libraries, we want to help these students in developing a mindset to think out of the box.

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