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Livelihood with dignity campaign aims at enhancing the future of destitute communities by increasing their ability via skill development workshop and also to help the community people to reach the right platforms and empower them to achieve their targets and conduct their livelihood with dignity.

"To be able to live each day with honor, respect and dignity is the achievement of all."
Dr. Roopleen
1810 - 1850

There are about millions of working people but still, there is a lack of skilled labor in the employment sector. With the help of quality training, the underprivileged youth can find better employment opportunities. The people in extreme need are generally part of socially excluded minorities. These people lack necessities and hence, lead a life of poverty. A sustainable livelihood needs of the hour. A working youth will result in building resilient communities. Lack of employment increases problems such as poverty, inequity and several other vulnerabilities.

Sustainable means of livelihood must be generated as they can act as a great lever to reduce poverty and inclusive development. It is important to empower these underprivileged communities to give guidance in terms of skill enhancement and education according to market requirements. The people who want to start their enterprises are given opportunities and resources to achieve their goals. The efforts must be made towards reducing the gap between demand and supply of skilled manpower in every sector.

As part of livelihood with dignity plan, we are reaching out to the men, women, and youth and helping them in guiding to generate income. We have conducted several exhibitions showcasing various work done by underprivileged community people and generated funds. These funds were then distributed to women who were willing to start their own small business and earn a livelihood for their families. We have also promoted local artwork and handicrafts such as bags and Jaipuri prints by giving artisans a platform to showcase their work, Different training sessions and career counseling workshops are also being conducted for everyone to participate and gather information about several topics.

Grooming sessions are also conducted in schools to provide better knowledge to young minds about general etiquettes. Performing arts and visual arts workshops are also conducted at various places for those people who have talent in these genres. Women empowerment cell is created for young girls and career counseling is given to them as well. A life led with dignity is the greatest peace. Some people need a little push, a small word of encouragement to change their lives for good. WODE with Livelihood with dignity strives to be that voice of encouragement and source of that one strike.

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