About us

A world of 'equality with diversity'

– Vision

Building a future where everyone stands equal and united. 

– Mission

Creating a world of diverse equals. Our mission is to provide a better lifestyle through education, healthcare, and the provision of equal opportunities.

About Us


WODE was founded by the young minds who after witnessing unequal opportunities in every sector of the society, whether it be in the form of gender inequality or discrimination for certain groups, decided they wanted to be catalysts for change and build a united front. Their passion to break stereotypes and work for a better community for the future generations led to the creation of WODE Foundation


Our Founders always believed in a future where everyone helps in building a unified society without any traces of discrimination, inequality and breaking gender stereotypes.  Daily, they witnessed instances of discrimination and inequality in routine things such as while playing sports, witnessing toxic masculinity, or watching panel discussions on the gender pay gap. The idea to act upon and stand against such traverse dynamics of society was already playing in the back of their minds. When they got the opportunity to take the necessary steps to remove the common disparities that are present in society, they leaped onto it.

In the beginning, a lot of panel discussions and brainstorming sessions could be done and from where to start were done. They started with education. As they believed that the right education will help in a change from the perspective of people. As a result, Pustakghar was founded.

After that, a lot of initiatives were undertaken and now the team has managed to impact several lives through one foundation.

The organisation helps underprivileged communities through various initiatives.

PUSTAKGHAR – We aim to spread learning beyond the classrooms by establishing smart libraries at underprivileged community schools. Through this, we aim to foster a stronger education system to ensure that children grow as globally aware and independent thinkers.

GIFT OF HEALTH – Our campaign aims to promote ‘Mission Fit India’ by creating awareness among community school children about the importance of hygiene, nutrition, and good physical and mental health, to name a few

LIVELIHOOD WITH DIGNITY – We work with destitute communities to enhance their future prosperity by increasing their ability through skill development workshops as well as helping their work reach deserving platforms, to empower them to attain livelihood with dignity.

EQUALITY WITH DIVERSITY – Together, we aim to empower both men and women to break gender stereotypes and create a world where everyone is treated and given equal opportunities, regardless of their gender.




WODE Foundation – ‘WORLD OF DIVERSE EQUALS’ aims to create a world where the different physical, social and economic attributes you are born with do not change the way you are treated. 


366, Sonkhiya Bhawan, Tadkeshwar Mahadevi,S.M.S Highway, Jaipur


+91 9828021294 info@wodefoundation.com

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